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No gel blaster is complete without - you guessed it - gel blaster accessories! From face masks to magazines to battery chargers, we have it here.

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Get all your needed gel blaster accessories at TacToys USA today!

Some of Our Bestselling Gel Blaster Accessories

Full Face Mask (Black) 

Playing gel ball can be extreme, and it’s best to protect your precious face from being hit. What better way to do so than to wear our Full Face Mask. 100% breathable, this face mask is comfortable to wear while giving secure and dependable facial protection. With foam padding around the eyes to reduce fogging, this mask also offers clear visibility so you can always see where you’re going and your opponents. This one also comes with an adjustable head strap so you always adjust it to your perfect fit. 

Tracer Magazine (Glow in the Dark)

This fantastic magazine features a UV light that charges up the glow-in-the-dark gel balls. Upon firing, the UV light will illuminate the balls super brightly! This magazine doesn’t need batteries as it is powered by the gel blaster. Glow/Tracer gels are not included and are required.

The Tracer magazine is compatible with the following gel blasters: M4A1 V8, SCAR V2, HK416D, and TacToys MK3, 4, 5, and 6.

Precision Eye Scope for Gel Blaster

Designed for faster and more accurate target acquisition, our high-precision sight scope is a must-have. Made with flexible eye relief, it is perfectly suitable for just about any shooter or rifle. Other features include multiple brightness settings (red and green) and a sturdy weatherproof aluminum alloy scope enclosure that ensures long-lasting performance.

This eye scope comes with a dual-lens cap, cleaning cloth, and a wrench. It’s powered by a 1 x lithium CR2032 battery and compatible with gel blasters M4A1 V8, M4A1 V9, WELL M401, Kriss Vector V2, MP7, or any gel blaster with picatinny railing. 

Rifle Bag with Pouches (Black)

To transport and store your gel blaster, you’d definitely need a rifle bag with all the right pouches! Recommended by police, our 95x 24 cm rifle bag ensures your gel blaster does not get damaged while in transport. It comes with 4 convenient pouches for your mag, batteries, and accessories. Other features are thick foam padding for better protection, a zipper compartment, a shoulder strap, and a carry handle.

Note: This rifle bag fits most gel blasters, though it may not be suitable with some sniper rifles.

Gel Blaster Gun Accessories to Customize Your Game

Have you considered gel blaster surge attachments? Adding lasers and muzzles increases the challenge as you play - making it more intense, more immersive, and definitely more fun for all. You can go realistic, with weaponry that looks like it just came from your favorite war game. Or you can go the sci-fi route and bring fantasy battlefields to life with customizable modifications setting you apart from the rest.

Aside from gel blaster enhancements, you can also add high-quality face masks and tactical gear to your kit. With an emphasis on comfort and protection, you'll be safe from the zingy sting of the ammo while both fear and awe in the opposing team.

For those who love an expert-level challenge, you might meet your match with our glow-in-the-dark magazine and gell balls. While they're amazing to see as you fire in the dark, finding your opponent and winning the game without lights is harder than you might think! Give it a go to hone your skills and raise your game.

Get Even More with TacToys Gel Blaster Gun Accessories

Purchasing your gel blaster gun accessories and other accessories with TacToys brings you more benefits than anywhere else. We deliver high-quality products at affordable prices so you can enjoy more of the things you love.

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All gel blasters are sold with a warranty, guaranteeing you a product that does exactly what it says. Warranty periods vary by size of the blaster, so please double-check the individual listings for more information. With over 3000 5-start reviews, TacToys is raising the standards in the competitive team shooting game industry - and we're here to ensure you get the best prices and best customer service on the market today.

TacToys guarantees the best prices on the market with our aptly named Best Price Guarantee. If you do find our products cheaper anywhere else, we'll match that price and take a further 5% off gel blaster hoppers to show you we mean business.

X Shot Gel Blaster Attachments and Much More from Tac Toys

It's the most fun you can have with a combat vest on, and all you have to do is come to the right place; Tac Toys - to get your gel blaster attachments. Ever since the world discovered that gel blasters were the perfect way of having battle fun in safety, we have been supplying gel blaster accessories and gel blaster parts to people who love this exciting, fulfilling pastime.

The list of what we supply goes on and on, but those two words tell you you are in the right place: gel blaster surge XL accessories and gel blaster bottle holders, for instance. You need all the gear to get the most out of the hobby. And then we move on to Orbeez gun attachments, named after the orbs, or balls or water beads or jelly beads – there are technical terms by the dozen in this world of fun, and some of them give you an indication of what is safer for kids who are either not ready for the full-on gel blaster guns or whose parents are erring on the side of caution. Orbeez gun accessories prepare the youngsters for the real thing, and of course, safety is paramount to us.

Why Are We Called Tac Toys?

It’s a simple abbreviation for tactical toys, which is a neat phrase that sums up what we deal in. Yes, they are to an extent toys, but they have an adult side that makes the word tactical an appropriate one. Splatter ball gun attachments is another phrase you’ll find here because splatter ball is an evocative way of describing what these devices do. Splat gun accessories, too: that has a sort of life about it that captures the sound and action that makes this so exciting.

Our X shot gel blaster attachments are the best you can get – and when you’re taking your combat skills into battle against others who have almost as much of the right stuff as you do in this arena, you want the best equipment to back you up. Nobody goes out there with inferior kit unless they have to, and at our prices, you can afford the top-of-the-range gear that gives you a fighting chance of victory.

Tactical Toys For All

This is a form of entertainment that can be enjoyed by all, regardless of age, gender and background. With our gel blaster attachments, Orbeez gun accessories and splatter ball gun attachments you can be armed to the teeth with everything you need. Just add your speed, your reflexes and your understanding of what needs to be done to stay in the game and come out on top. You can be the winner here: the top of the tree, the one who everyone else will be in awe of.

Shipping and Delivery of Your Gel Blaster Surge Attachments

Here at TacToys, we understand you don't want to wait for your equipment to arrive. That's why we do our best to package and dispatch orders on the same day. You can select to have your order shipped to your own address, or you can also select one of 4000+ click-and-collect locations for greater convenience.

We use reputable courier companies for all shipping of electric gel blasters and, to make sure you get the best deal available, we don't charge any extras for delivery. Free shipping is available for orders across the USA, so don't delay your order - you won't find these products cheaper anywhere else.

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