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Batteries & Chargers

For long hours of extreme gel-blasting fun, you must have the right batteries.

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Welcome to our collection of dependable gel blaster batteries! From batteries to chargers and charging cables, we got them for you. Enjoy finding what you need!


Take a Peek at Some of Our Bestselling Gel Blaster Batteries & Chargers

11.1 V 2000MAH 25C (JST SM) - Short Cell Battery Upgrade

If you want to increase the fire rate of your gel blaster by up to 50% without any major modifications, this battery is for you! It’s also a bigger battery pack which will last you all day. With this short-cell battery upgrade, now you can have much more firing fun for longer hours!

Note that you need a suitable charger to charge this battery. 


7.4 V USB Charging Cable 

This cable is great as a spare USB charging cable or replacement for your standard 7.4 V gel blaster battery. It conveniently comes with a LED charging indicator (red for charging and green for fully charged). Available at a budget-friendly price, this cable is a great necessity for reliable charging anytime. 

B6 Performance Balance Charger

Make sure your battery chargers with no hassle through the B6 Performance Balance Charger. This charger not only charges your batteries faster; it also has built-in safety features to maintain your blaster battery’s health and stop overcharging and overheating. 

The B6 Charger can charge all your 11.1 V and 7.4 V Lipo batteries. It can store up to 5 user-created program settings and also has temperature monitoring. 

How to Choose the Best Battery for Your Blaster

Gel blaster batteries are available in different sizes, voltages, and capacities. The bigger the capacity of a battery, the more power it has. But it also depends on your particular needs and preferences. Some players need only one extra battery, while others need two or more. If you play a lot of gel ball, it is a good idea to get a bigger-capacity battery (or more than one battery) so you won’t need to recharge very often.

Here are factors to consider when choosing a gel blaster battery:

Battery Type

There are two main types of gel blaster batteries. The first one is the Li-ION / NiMH battery, and the other is the LiPO battery.

Li-ION / NiMH batteries are quite similar to your regular AAA battery. When recharged regularly, it can last up to two years. LiPo battery is the newest technology. It can hold more charge and typically lasts longer than a Li-ION / NiMH battery. Just remember that LiPo batteries can be dangerous and should always be handled carefully.

Some gel blasters are compatible only with Li-ION / NiMH batteries, while others are compatible with LiPo and Li-ION / NiMH. 


Once you’ve picked the right battery type, it’s time to choose the right battery capacity for your needs. This would depend on the kind of gel blaster you have. Remember that the more advanced your gel blaster is, the more power-consuming it is. So if you play a lot or plan to play a lot, we recommend getting a blaster battery with a bigger capacity. You may consider a battery that’s 1500 mAh or more. Get a good charger as well.


Once you know the battery capacity you need, check the voltage as well. Many LiPo batteries are 7.4 Volt or 11.1 Volt. Li-ION / NiMH batteries are around 8.4 Volt or 9.6 Volt. Pick a blaster battery that suits your blaster’s specifications. If your gel blaster supports LiPo batteries, it’s typically compatible with Li-ION / NiMH batteries too.


Last but definitely not least, you must check the C rating when buying a gel blaster battery (and charger). This can usually be found near the voltage number on the battery. The batteries will have a C rating between 10c to 25c which explains the discharge power of the battery. The higher the C number, the more power the battery sends to the blaster’s motor.


Tips on Battery Care

Most gel blaster batteries are safe, but you still need to handle them with proper care. Below are some tips on battery care:

  1. Don’t expose the battery to extreme heat and weather.
  2. Store the batteries in a dry storage area. Never store them exposed in a drawer or anything that could create static electricity. Never store them in the gun while not in use.
  3. During storage, batteries should be kept at a temperature between 40 degrees and 120 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature exceeds 120 degrees, the lifespan of the battery will be shortened.
  4. When charging, place the battery in a fireproof bag. 
  5. Ensure that the charger you are using is approved for the battery you want to charge.
  6. Never charge the battery in a vehicle or while the battery is in the blaster.
  7. Though many gel blaster batteries are equipped with advanced features to automatically stop charging, never charge your batteries unattended. Overcharging can lead the battery cells to split, leak, and even cause a fire. 

When to Replace Your Gel Blaster Battery

If you don’t like the battery performance of your gel blaster, we recommend replacing it as soon as you can with a battery that has better efficiency and a bigger capacity. In doing so, you won’t have to recharge your battery very often, and you won’t run out in the middle of a game. Aside from that, a battery with good power can positively affect the performance, durability, and rate of fire of your blaster in the playfield.