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Gas/CO2 Essentials & Parts

Looking for high-quality accessories for your CO2 gel blaster? Welcome to our collection of CO2 gel blaster accessories! Feel free to browse our specially curated collection of essentials for you to be able to use your CO2 gel blaster and maximize the fun in your play.

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What Is a CO2 Gel Blaster?

If you want extra power in your gel blaster, a CO2 gel blaster is the way to go. A few years ago, barely anyone owned a CO2 gel blaster, which is a type of gas gel blaster. But today, almost every major retailer in the industry has CO2 gel blasters in stock. While electric gel blasters have saturated the market since the history of gel blasters, there’s been a slow shift in the preferences of enthusiast gamers with the introduction of gas gel blasters.

There are different types of gas gel blasters in the market. These blasters are powered by green gas or CO2 (carbon dioxide). CO2 is a gas with higher power than green gas. Most suitable for pistols, CO2 gas gel blasters require the filling of CO2 into a gel blaster pistol through a CO2 capsule.

Gas-powered gel blasters like CO2 gel blasters are known for their firing ability. CO2 gel blasters can shoot gel balls at 270-280 per second. The firing mechanism depends on the explosive release of highly pressured gas, that’s why gas-powered gel blasters shoot the gels hard and fast. These blasters are often designed to provide a lifelike kickback experience, like gas blowback gel blasters. With a recoil effect in each shot, CO2 gel blasters have a powerful realistic feel. 

One factor to consider with CO2 gel blasters is the weather. When you want to use a CO2 gel blaster, it’s best to check the conditions of the environment you’re going to play in.

Why Get a CO2 Gel Blaster

  1. Greater Power The driving factor for the power of battery-powered or electric gel blasters is related to important components such as the power of the internal spring. It’s typically unrelated to the battery itself. Meanwhile, CO2 gel blasters are powered by compressed air or CO2. Bottomline, gas gel blasters typically have greater power.
  2. Higher Quality Superior to a lot of electric models, CO2 gel blasters have a quality that will surely impress you. These blasters are typically made from higher-quality materials and have better finishes and significantly greater weight. CO2 gel blasters are also “snappier”, providing the user with a more satisfying feel.
  3. A Bang for Your Buck If you’re after realism, total quality, and power, CO2 gel blasters are definitely worth your money. Electric gel blasters may be cheaper but CO2 gel blasters are usually affordable. The only general maintenance CO2 gel blasters need is a bit of lubrication with silicon oil every now and then. If you’re thinking of getting a CO2 gel blaster, just do it! They’re awesome innovations that definitely stand out from other blaster toys in the market. And if you need reliable accessories for your CO2 gel blaster, feel free to visit this page anytime!

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