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Gas/CO2 Gel Blasters

Welcome to TacToys’ collection of the best CO2 gel blasters online! If you’re searching for quality and reliable CO2 gel blasters, look no further because we got them for you.

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What Are CO2 Gel Blasters?

Some time ago, almost no one owns a CO2 gel blaster, which is a type of gas gel blaster. Today, almost every major retailer in the industry is stocking these blasters. No doubt, electric gel blasters have dominated the market since the history of gel blasters. But with the introduction of gas gel blasters, there’s been a slow shift when it comes to the preferences of enthusiasts. 

There are a few different types of gas-powered gel blasters in the market. These are powered by green gas or CO2. CO2 or carbon dioxide is a gas with higher power than green gas. Best for pistols, it is filled into a gel blaster pistol through a CO2 capsule. 

CO2 gel blasters are great if you want that lifelike feel when shooting the blaster. These gas blasters are powerful and have a recoil effect with each shot. One factor to consider is that it can be affected by the weather, so check the conditions of your playing environment when you want to use a CO2 gel blaster. 


Reasons to Get a CO2 Gel Blaster

  • More Power

  • The higher a gel blaster’s FPS (feet per second), the more powerful it is. With electric or battery-powered gel blasters, the driving factor for power is typically unrelated to the battery itself. It’s more related to other essential components such as the power of the internal spring. On the other hand, CO2 gel blasters are powered by compressed air (CO2). All in all, gas gel blasters typically have more power. 


  • Better Quality

  • The quality of CO2 gel blasters will no doubt impress. Superior to many electric models, CO2 gel blasters are usually made from higher-quality materials and have nicer finishes. They also have significantly greater weight. In addition to that, CO2 gel blasters seem to have a more satisfying feel and are “snappier”. 


  • A Bang for Your Buck

  • You might ask now - are CO2 gel blasters really worth it?

    If you’re after quality, feel, power, and realism, then YES, they are worth it!  While electric gel blasters are usually cheaper, CO2 gel blasters are typically affordable, and the only general maintenance required is a bit of internal lubrication with silicon oil once in a while. Both of these options are powerful and each has its benefits. It all boils down to your play style, personal preference, and the conditions you’ll be playing in.

    Gas gel blasters are definitely taking the industry by storm, and most gel ball enthusiasts will have at least one CO2 gel blaster in their collection!

    If you’re thinking of getting a CO2 gel blaster, don’t hesitate - just do it! They’re fantastic new innovations and definitely standouts from other blaster toys in the market.


    Tips for Gel Ball Beginners

    Want to get into gel ball but not sure where to start? Maybe you’re about to venture off to your very first gel ball game. Congratulations, you will discover that getting into the sport of gel ball is loads of fun, exercise, and a great way to meet new people or bond with friends. 

    As with anything new, there are important things you need to know to make sure you are prepared for the game! Here are some tips to help you as you’re starting out.


  • Bring a lot of water. 

  • When you play gel ball, expect to run and sweat around a lot. After all, playing gel ball requires many quick movements to get around the field. Remember to drink a lot of water before, during, and after the game. This is especially important during hot weather.


  • Wear comfortable clothes that you can get dirty.

  • In gel ball, you’ll be jumping, rolling, diving, running, and every other action that will quickly get your clothes dirty. So no matter what the weather conditions are when you play, make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes that can get dirty. Avoid very tight clothing and wear looser clothes. 


  • Eat well for energy.

  • Eat a nutritious meal before your game and bring nutritious snacks with you to the game. All the running around on the field will require a lot of energy.


  • Wear supportive footwear.

  • Decent, supportive shoes are a must in gel ball. You will do a lot of running on varied grounds depending on your chosen field and gameplay. You also will often dive for cover or rapidly change direction. There will be many opportunities to roll your ankle so make sure you are wearing supportive footwear. Waterproof shoes would be a perfect bonus too.


  • Never remove your eye protection.

  • Even if there’s a spot that feels itchy, never remove your eye protection. Just don’t do it because gel balls could dangerously hit your eyes. Using gel blasters without eye protection is strictly prohibited.


  • Listen to the rules.

  • Show up to your game and time and listen to the game brief to know the rules and objectives of the game before you play. By doing so, you’ll know your goals and avoid many mistakes.


  • Join a gel ball community.

  • You can find different gel ball groups online like on social media. The gel ball community is an awesome place where you can get advice, tips, tricks, and more. There are many players who are willing to show the ropes to beginners. It’s also a perfect way to begin new friendships.

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