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Model & Prop Blasters

Looking for awesome model gel blasters? You’ve come to the right page!

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Welcome to our collection of model or prop gel blasters that you can use for props or display! Browse our page today to find just what you need!

Gel Blasters for Beginners

These days, there are multiple varieties of children’s toys to choose from. When shopping, it could be challenging and overwhelming to decide which specific toy to purchase for your kid or other special kids in your life.

Many kids today are glued to their smartphone games, but there are benefits to introducing them to games that move them to the playgrounds. One type of toy that takes the kids outside and is getting more and more popular is the gel blaster. What exactly are gel blasters, and why are they taking the gaming market by storm?

What is a Gel Blaster?

Also called a gel ball blaster or a soft gel gun, a gel blaster is a tactical toy with a design that is like an airsoft gun. Gel blasters come in different types such as machine guns, shotguns, rifles, and SMGs. 

Picking your perfect first blaster can be quite challenging if you’re new to gel blasters. Each player has their own style and preference for the game, so keep that in mind. Just do your research on the different types of blasters and find a trusted company like TacToys to ensure you’re getting a high-quality blaster no matter what type you choose.

Choosing Your Gel Blaster 

Capacity & Size. There are many models and sizes of gel blasters, and it would be best to find the perfect size and model for your unique needs. If you plan to compete seriously, buying a large blaster that is capable of simultaneously holding several gel balls will be beneficial to you. A large blaster will give you an upper hand over opponents using smaller equipment. However, if your goal is to just have fun or practice with loved ones and not exactly score points, it would be a good idea to invest first in a smaller gel blaster.

Spring or Electric (Manual or Automatic). Decide whether you want a gel blaster that is spring-operated or electric-operated. Spring-operated or manual models cost less but require manual reloading of the gun and cocking of the gun each time you fire it. Electric or automatic models cost more but are easier for beginners and children to use because they automatically reload and cock the gun. 

Comfort. Make sure that your blaster will be something you’d be comfortable using and is compatible with your body. For example, if you are taller, better not pick a blaster with a short stock or barrel, as this could make the weapon harder to control and aim. If you are on the shorter side, it would be better to not pick a too-long blaster that would require you to stretch out your arms uncomfortably.

Room for Growth. As you play more, you get to know more and figure out what works for you more. There are a few things you can do to make sure your gun grows with you as you pursue your gel ball hobby. For instance, if you pick a pistol, you may consider choosing one with a rail system that will allow you to attach accessories like lasers or tactical lights. While you may not necessarily need one right now, it might come in handy later. These features will allow you to add sights and scopes as you’ll need them. 

Basic Accessories. As a beginner, you could be tempted to go all out on tactical gear. But it would be wise to not get stuck on building the perfect blaster kit just yet. It’s much better to build one piece at a time. After all, an average blaster game won’t have you crawling for hours and patrolling for days. Generally, it won’t push your gear to its limits that’s why there’s no need for very expensive real-world stuff. Start with a basic kit and grow from there. 

Playing as a Team

Generally, gel blaster matches are based on teams. Different teams have different demands when it comes to teamwork, so be ready to follow someone’s lead. Team-based games are fun if players all stick to teamwork. So join or find a good group of players you enjoy playing with, and never have a dull game!

Get Ready to Be Hooked!

Gel blasting could be an incredibly addictive hobby because there’s always room for growth and new experiences. There will always be new blasters to buy and test, existing ones to mod, and new tac gear to acquire. Not to mention awesome accessories like flashlights, scopes, and more. There’s a lot to cover and experience in this sport, so be prepared to have the time of your life!

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