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One of the most important elements in the gel blaster field is spare magazines. And having the correct gear to carry your gel blaster mag is very important.

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Welcome to our collection of gel blaster pouches! Here you’ll find a high-quality range of magazine pouches to make sure you play your A-game once on the field!

 How to Choose the Right Class of Gel Blaster for You: A Beginner’s Guide

With their realistic looks emulating guns used in police or military organizations, gel blasters have become more and more popular. They have also gotten more premium yet cheaper and more fun to use. If you want to own a gel blaster, you must know the differences between the most common types of blasters to know which is best for you and maximize your fun.

  1. ARs

    Assault rifles are one of the most popular types of gel blasters. Like their real-world counterparts, ARs have a decent range and a pretty high fire rate. These guns are often the most suitable blasters for beginners because of their versatility. It’s a bonus that ARs look very cool as well.

  2. Shotguns

    Shotguns are devastating at close range but quite harmless at long ranges. They take more experience to use and are known for their bursts of power which are unmatchable by other blasters. They take time to reload though and the firing range is average. It’s a perfect weapon if you’re going to be playing in a close-range arena. However, if you’re going to play in long-range or even medium-range fields, other blasters would be better.

  3. SMGs

    Little monsters with quite an impressive fire rate - those are submachine guns. With a submachine gun, you can run out of ammo pretty fast so you have to be ready to carry spare ammo with you. The advantage is these are lightweight and pretty versatile guns. You can easily use submachine guns in close-range or medium-range areas. If you’re experienced with your weapon, you can make it work decently in long-range areas as well.

  4. Pistols

    Pistols are the most compact blasters that pack a decent punch. They are also generally cheaper than all the other options and can work at different ranges. However, they are most suited for shorter ranges. Due to its semi-automatic nature, a pistol will fire as fast as you do. When using a pistol blaster, make sure you have lots of spare ammo to reload.

  5. LMGs

    Perhaps the biggest and heaviest gel blasters are the LMGs or Light Machine Guns. These massive blasters weigh more than other blasters and can spit out a lot of projectiles in short amounts of time. They take time to reload so keep this in mind if you’re using one for your game. These are some of the most common types of blasters available in the market. Each has its pros and cons so weigh carefully before you purchase. The good news is you can always upgrade to different blasters if you’re dissatisfied with your current one. Here at TacToys, we stock different types of blasters and blaster pouches for different preferences and needs. Browse our collections today to find the perfect blaster and blaster pouch for you!

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