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Gel Blaster Rifle Bags

Welcome to our awesome collection of gel blaster rifle bags! Now you can protect your prized gel blaster as well as accompanying batteries and accessories with a gel blaster rifle bag! 


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Some of Our Bestselling Rifle Bags

XL Tactical Rifle Bag 1M (Black) 

If you want a reliable bag for the transport and storage of your gel blaster, this is the one for you! Recommended by police, our Tactoys XL Tactical Rifle Bag can hold two rifles easily and ensures your gel blaster will not be damaged while in transport.

Features include 100 cm width, thick foam padding, two adjustable rifle holders inside to hold your blaster upright, and a shoulder strap. This bag fits most gel blasters (but may not be adequate for some sniper rifles). 

Rifle Bag with Pouches (Black)

Like our XL Tactical Rifle Bag, our TacToys Rifle Bag with Pouches is also dependable when it comes to the transport and storage of your gel blaster. Features include 95 cm length x 24 cm width, 4 pouches for your mag, batteries, and accessories, a shoulder strap, and a carry handle. It’s compatible with most gel blasters (but may not be adequate for some sniper rifles). 

Tips & Tricks for Playing with Your Gel Blaster

New to the world of gel blasters? You might be wondering how to get the most out of your blaster and out of every game. Read on for some tips and tricks to make the most of your new favorite toy and sport!

  1. Always use the proper protective gear. Protecting yourself includes eye protection, gloves, and clothes that cover as much of your skin as possible. Gel balls can sting when they hit, and it’s important to be prepared. Using the right gear also protects you when you’re running, rolling down, or hiding.
  2. Clean your blaster after every use. Doing this will prolong your blaster’s life and performance. To clean, use a mild soap and water solution to clean the inside and outside of your blaster. Gel balls can attract dirt and dust that’s why it’s a good idea to clean your blaster after each use.
  3. Store your blaster in a cool and dry place. Aside from preventing damage from heat or damp conditions, storing your blaster in a cool and dry place will also prolong its life, which means you can enjoy it for a longer time! Remember that gel blasters are made of plastic and can warp if exposed to much heat. If exposed to a humid environment for too long, they can also become brittle and break.
  4. Upgrade your blaster. One of the awesome things about gel blasters is that they’re highly customizable. You can make your blaster look and perform exactly the way you want by upgrading it with different parts and accessories!

You can do internal upgrades, which include things like adding a new barrel or upgrading the spring. Internal upgrades improve the performance of your gel blaster. 

You can also do external upgrades, which are cosmetic upgrades that don’t affect how your blaster performs. External upgrades include adding new decals or painting your blaster.