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Gel Blaster Sights & Scopes

Welcome to our very interesting collection of scopes and sights for your gel blaster! With our gel blaster sights/scopes, you can now focus on your target in no time and score those critical shots!

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What Are Gel Blaster Sights/Scopes?

Gel blaster sights, more informally known as scopes, are optical sighting devices that provide an accurate point of aim. If you are looking for quick target acquisition with your gel blaster, our stylish and lightweight gel blaster sights are perfect for you! Even better, these sights/scopes are easy to attach and use for stress-free handling.


Sights/scopes can be used to shoot targets in a wide area. It’s a good tool for tactical and outdoor shooting. Scopes are typically equipped with shockproof rubber to provide a strong grip. Scopes/sights also decorate your blaster and make it look cooler. 


Some of Our Most Popular Gel Blaster Sights/Scopes

Hologram Optic Sight for Gel Blaster

Built with awesome features, our Hologram Optic Sight is a bang for your buck! Lightweight and compact, this one’s easy to attach and handle. Constructed of aluminum alloy with anodized matte black, it has a smooth and stylish finish. Featuring anti-glare reflective coated lenses, it gives good optical clarity. And with its tubeless design with a 22 x 33 mm apertures reflex lens, it provides a wide field of view.

This gel blaster sight is suitable for rapid firing or shooting of moving targets besides normal shooting. It’s compatible with the M4A1 V8, M4A1 V9, WELL M401, Kriss Vector V2, MP7, SKD AK V2, or any gel blaster with picatinny rail. 


Precision Eye Scope for Gel Blaster

Designed for speedier, more accurate target acquisition, our Precision Eye Scope will definitely elevate your gel blaster’s performance. With a sturdy and weatherproof aluminum alloy scope enclosure, this scope ensures long-lasting power. With flexible eye relief, it’s suitable for just about any shooter or rifle. 

This eye scope is built with multiple brightness settings in red and green. It’s compatible with the M4A1 V8, M4A1 V9, WELL M401, Kriss Vector V2, MP7, or any gel blaster with picatinny rail.


How to Make Gel Blaster Play More Fun

  • Play in a big, open space. A huge space provides the freedom for all participants to run and hide. If you have time to spare, you can include obstacles to make the game even more exciting. 
    1. Wear proper protective gear. To avoid getting hurt when you roll down, hide, and run, wear protective gear every time you play gel ball. This way, accidents can be prevented and everyone can focus on the fun game.