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Experience the thrill, excitement and fun of gel blasters.


Everything You Want to Know About Gel Blasters

New to gel blasters? Learn everything you want to know about them in our video.

The gel blaster gun is the groundbreaking new skirmish weapon that's quickly replacing other tag sports such as paintball and laser tag. The gel shooter gun gives you a world of customization options, allowing you to create your ideal high-power gel blaster. Engage in the thrill of designing your unique sport blaster, beat the competition, and reign as the gel blaster pistol! champion Read More

Gel Blaster Guns Taking the World by Storm

Gel blasters are the ultimate in personalized sports weaponry. Bring your bespoke creation to life by choosing your favorite gun casing. From beginner-friendly to advanced capability, these powerful gel blasters deliver hours and hours of enjoyment for the whole family.

The ever-popular Desert Eagle V2 is ideal for entry-level hobbyists, looking to explore the exciting world of the realistic Orbeez gun. While more advanced players will enjoy the exclusive, and overpowered, TacToys M4A1 MKIII. The full auto fire and metal precision scope will test your abilities, are you up for the challenge?

Ball Blaster Accessories That'll Raise Your Game

With TacToys, you can choose from a wide selection of gun designs. Large or small, single shot or full auto, the choice is yours. Our extensive range of super gel blaster kits and accessories means you're in charge. We offer top-of-the-line rifles, pistols, SMGs, snipers, and shotguns. You can also choose from electric, gas/CO2 powered, or manual operation.

Aside from the models available, you can also add a range of accessories for extreme personalization. Think sights and scopes, suppressors and silencers, torches and lasers, range extenders, and so many more. High-end gel blasters are the new way to enjoy competitive team shooting sports.

All jelly gun users should wear protective eye gear to prevent accidental injury. These Orbeez gel blaster weapons shoot small, water-based pellets at speed, and safety precautions are necessary for a safe, fun game.

To help you raise your safety game, why not explore the wide selection of tactical gear available? From the top of your head, down to your toes, we've got you covered.

Shop Our Authentic Full Metal Gas Blaster Range

Ideal for those with some experience using gel blasters, due to the forces involved in shooting those little water beads, the metal casing has a more durable, high-quality feel. The feel of metal in your hands on the battlefield lends credulity to the mission - so if you're serious about winning, then this is the range for you.

You can get a gel blaster pistol in metal ,or a rifle with an alloy barrel - the choice is yours. With a wide range of materials, shots per minute, lengths, designs, and prices you'll find the perfect gel ball blaster gun that suits your team spirit precisely.

Professional And Affordable Gel Fight Guns at TacToys

When you're looking to buy a gel ball blaster gun, make sure you're buying top-end quality for that authentic feel. Not only will your gel guns last longer, but they'll perform far better too.

TacToys source the highest quality materials and gear to ensure you get the most from your gel gun blaster. Poor-quality shooters jam up and break easily - making them more of a burden during competitive play than an asset. But you won't have that problem with TacToys' premium-grade blasters.

To ensure you get the best value possible, take advantage of our Best Price Guarantee. If you can find an identical blaster for cheaper with another supplier, we'll do better than match the price - we'll also give an extra 5% discount on top!

And if that's not enough to get you hungry for the TacToys range, you can also start building up loyalty points through various actions that can be redeemed for fantastic rewards.

Here at TacToys, we know that you don't want a lengthy wait to receive your auto gel blaster gun or your gel blaster rifle. That's why we make a great effort to dispatch your order on the same day. And to make it even sweeter, we'll even ship your order at no extra cost to you.

Staying Safe with Your High Power Gel Blaster

While Orbeez gel blaster guns are legal, precautions should still be taken when using and storing your adult Orbeez gun. We also offer a range in child size, but these guns should not be operated by anyone under the age of 12 years in the interest of safety.

Protective eye gear and clothing (including paddings) are highly recommended to prevent accidental injury. While the gel blaster ammo are made mostly from water, the high-velocity shots will sting if they make direct contact with your skin. Eye protection is incredibly important. Invest in high-quality gear such as goggles, helmets, and either a face mask or face shield.

Please ensure you store your strong gel blaster safely. Keep it out of reach of children and, if possible, invest in a rifle bag that you can padlock for an extra layer of security. Children over 12 can operate a gel blaster but must be supervised at all times due to the speed and force of the ammo. The barrel should never be aimed at faces, and hands must be away from the barrel while firing.

Always keep safety in mind while operating and storing your TacToys gel blaster.

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Take a look at our wide range of gel shooters, accessories, and gear to discover the competitive team shooting weapon of your choice today.

TacToys is the leading supplier of Gel Blasters We are based in USA and Australia. The growing sport and toy range has taken the industry by storm, and we pride ourselves in sourcing only top-quality products. Whether you are after Rifles, pistols, shotguns, snipers or more, TacToys have you covered with our range. Some of our more sought after gel blaster, gel shooter, gel gun and water gel blaster products include Glock 18 , M4A1 , Desert Eagle and the popular SCAR V2 .

We also sell a great range of gel blaster accessories to go with our product range including batteries, sight scopes, magazines, rifle bags as well as ammunition and tactical gear such as vests, gloves, backpacks, eye protection and helmets. Find out why this is a sport that is not only fun for kids, but for parents as well. If you have any questions or need advice, do not hesitate to get in touch and have a chat about which product could be right for you. We pride ourselves in delivering the best products and service to our customers and will dispatch all online orders in stock same day if ordered before 2pm AEST. Read Less

A Sneak Preview of Our Popular Gel Blasters

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We offer dozens of gel blasters for you to choose from. Here’s a preview of some crowd favorites:

Desert Eagle V2

Simple and affordable, our Desert Eagle has consistently been one of our top-selling products. It’s a well-built, entry-range blaster that serves as a fun introduction to the hobby. Built from a high-quality nylon shell, it has impressive features like metal pistol grips, simulated blowback, and a great rate of fire. Incredibly enjoyable and easy to use, we highly recommend the Desert Eagle V2.

Scar V2

Another popular gel blaster for newcomers to the hobby is our Scar V2. It’s well-liked because it’s very reliable, comes with awesome accessories, can hit 300 fps with a few low-cost mods, and has lots of parts available. If you’re new to the hobby and want a reliable blaster with loads of accessories, the Scar V2 is definitely for you.

TacToys M4A1 MKIII

If you’re looking for the best, look no further than the TacToys M4A1 MKIII. A total game changer, this one is mag prime with a functional single shot and full auto fire. Exclusively sold at TacToys, we have included an 11.1v battery, metal precision scope, and a B3 Charger in this package. Want to be the best and have the best? This is the blaster you need!

Quality Gel Balls & Accessories

With our superior, high-performing blasters, it is only fitting that we provide equally quality gel balls and accessories. Here’s a sneak preview of what we offer:

10,000 Gel Balls - Milky Whites - 7-8 MM

Each loaded pack contains 10,000 competition-grade gel balls that are 7-8 MM in size. These balls are non-toxic so no need to worry about chemicals and other dangerous stuff. They also leave no residue, stains, or mess as the balls dissipate over time. To use, simply add the gel balls to water for at least four hours and they will grow to 7-8 MM.

B6 Performance Balance Charger

For faster and safer charging of your blaster batteries, the B6 Performance Balance Charger would be perfect. It can charge all of your 11.1 V and 7.4 V Lipo batteries. Aside from fast charging, the B6 also has safety features built in to prevent overcharging and overheating and to maintain the health of your batteries.

Tracer Magazine (Glow in the Dark)

The Tracer Magazine is built with a UV light that charges up the glow-in-the-dark gel balls. Upon firing, the UV light will brightly illuminate the balls! This magazine does not need batteries as it is powered by the gel blaster.

Precision Eye Scope for Gel Blaster

For faster and more accurate target shooting, check out our Precision Eye Scope for Gel Blaster. It’s packed with great features like multiple brightness settings and flexible eye relief. Our Precision Eye Scope also has a sturdy weatherproof aluminum scope enclosure for long-lasting performance.

Safety Guide for Parents & Guardians

Our goal is to make the hobby not just fun but also as safe as possible. Here are some safety precautions:

1. Always use the safety glasses that are included with the gel blaster.

2. Don’t look directly into the barrel.

3. Practice safe battery charging all the time: charge at a safe place, at the correct length of time, and don’t get it wet or leave it unattended.

4. Make sure that everyone playing agrees to be shot at and knows what to expect when they are hit.

5. Use correct-size gel balls for each gel blaster.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to help with any information you need.