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Experience the thrill, excitement and fun of gel blasters.


Everything You Want to Know About Gel Blasters

New to gel blasters? Learn everything you want to know about them in our video.

TacToys is the leading supplier of Gel Blasters We are based in USA and Australia. The growing sport and toy range has taken the industry by storm, and we pride ourselves in sourcing only top-quality products. Whether you are after Rifles, pistols, shotguns, snipers or more, TacToys have you covered with our range. Some of our more sought after gel blaster, gel shooter, gel gun and water gel blaster products include Glock 18 , M4A1 , Desert Eagle and the popular SCAR V2 .


A Sneak Preview of Our Popular Gel Blasters

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We offer dozens of gel blasters for you to choose from. Here’s a preview of some crowd favorites:

Desert Eagle V2

Simple and affordable, our Desert Eagle has consistently been one of our top-selling products. It’s a well-built, entry-range blaster that serves as a fun introduction to the hobby. Built from a high-quality nylon shell, it has impressive features like metal pistol grips, simulated blowback, and a great rate of fire. Incredibly enjoyable and easy to use, we highly recommend the Desert Eagle V2.

Scar V2

Another popular gel blaster for newcomers to the hobby is our Scar V2. It’s well-liked because it’s very reliable, comes with awesome accessories, can hit 300 fps with a few low-cost mods, and has lots of parts available. If you’re new to the hobby and want a reliable blaster with loads of accessories, the Scar V2 is definitely for you.

TacToys M4A1 MKIII

If you’re looking for the best, look no further than the TacToys M4A1 MKIII. A total game changer, this one is mag prime with a functional single shot and full auto fire. Exclusively sold at TacToys, we have included an 11.1v battery, metal precision scope, and a B3 Charger in this package. Want to be the best and have the best? This is the blaster you need!

Quality Gel Balls & Accessories

With our superior, high-performing blasters, it is only fitting that we provide equally quality gel balls and accessories. Here’s a sneak preview of what we offer:

10,000 Gel Balls - Milky Whites - 7-8 MM

Each loaded pack contains 10,000 competition-grade gel balls that are 7-8 MM in size. These balls are non-toxic so no need to worry about chemicals and other dangerous stuff. They also leave no residue, stains, or mess as the balls dissipate over time. To use, simply add the gel balls to water for at least four hours and they will grow to 7-8 MM.

B6 Performance Balance Charger

For faster and safer charging of your blaster batteries, the B6 Performance Balance Charger would be perfect. It can charge all of your 11.1 V and 7.4 V Lipo batteries. Aside from fast charging, the B6 also has safety features built in to prevent overcharging and overheating and to maintain the health of your batteries.

Tracer Magazine (Glow in the Dark)

The Tracer Magazine is built with a UV light that charges up the glow-in-the-dark gel balls. Upon firing, the UV light will brightly illuminate the balls! This magazine does not need batteries as it is powered by the gel blaster.

Precision Eye Scope for Gel Blaster

For faster and more accurate target shooting, check out our Precision Eye Scope for Gel Blaster. It’s packed with great features like multiple brightness settings and flexible eye relief. Our Precision Eye Scope also has a sturdy weatherproof aluminum scope enclosure for long-lasting performance.

Safety Guide for Parents & Guardians

Our goal is to make the hobby not just fun but also as safe as possible. Here are some safety precautions:

1. Always use the safety glasses that are included with the gel blaster.

2. Don’t look directly into the barrel.

3. Practice safe battery charging all the time: charge at a safe place, at the correct length of time, and don’t get it wet or leave it unattended.

4. Make sure that everyone playing agrees to be shot at and knows what to expect when they are hit.

5. Use correct-size gel balls for each gel blaster.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to help with any information you need.