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Gel Blaster Snipers

If fast-fire, scattershot, and close-quarter gameplay aren't for you - then you might find you're the strategic player on your team. Setting up your shot with the gel blaster sniper rifle takes patience, it takes planning, and it takes steady aim - are you up for the challenge? Read More

Precision Sniper Orbeez Gun for Tactical Sports

The sniper rifles are incredibly lifelike, with a variety of finishes that give you the immersive and realistic play that sniper players thoroughly enjoy. Bolt action sniper gel gun types, pack a punch and can help your team ride smoothly to victory. And with removable accessories, you can customize your gel blaster with sights, magazines, and tactical wearables to recreate the look and feel that gives you incredible satisfaction as your skills progress.

The sniper rifle gel blaster is great for action-packed sports and competitions but can also be a neat accessory in itself for cosplay and re-enactments. Each listing gives you more information about the types of Orbeez balls that are best suited for the particular rifle type. Using other balls can cause jamming issues, so we advise choosing the recommended type to enhance your gameplay experience. While you're at it why not combine tha sniper with a side arm beretta toy gun for closer quarters encounters?.

The Best Gel Blaster Sniper Deals with TacToys

Whether you're looking for an entry-level blaster rifle, or whether you're looking to refine and enhance your advanced skills, we know you deserve the best equipment at the most affordable prices.

As a competitive team here at TacToys, we know what it takes to win and we want to help you on your way to victory. First, we give you our Best Price Guarantee. That means if you find any of our sniper orbeez gun products at a lower price anywhere else, then we'll make our prices even lower! We'll give you an additional 5% off the lowest price because TacToys gives the best deals on the market.

When you join our rewards and loyalty program, you'll get Tac Points every time you purchase gel guns. These points will accumulate into money-off vouchers for future purchases. You can also receive points for visiting our social media pages - so make sure you tune in to find out our latest news and updates regarding gel strike blasters.

Even though our guns, ammo, and accessories are at the best prices you'll find today, we don't peddle in poor quality or cheap construction. All our products are made with the highest-quality components, with a professional finish, for a top-quality gaming experience. Each gel blaster sniper rifle is covered by a warranty, so you are safe in the knowledge that if a product is faulty, we are here to help. Warranty periods vary between products so please check the product listing to find out more.

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Affordable blasters can quickly rack up in price when you take all the packaging and shipping into account. But with TacToys, we don't charge a single cent for shipping - it's all free across the US. We use reputable shipping companies to deliver your packages straight to your home. Alternatively, you can choose from one of over 4000 click-and-collect locations, for even more convenience if you won't be home to receive delivery.

Browse our selection of gel blaster snipers and accessories today. Don't forget to join our crew of loyal customers by signing up for email updates and exclusive promotions. When you're looking for affordable quality and service with a smile, TacToys is the place to be. Read Less

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