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Searching for the best gel blaster rifles online? Look no further because TacToys have the most dependable and fun rifles for you! 

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What Are Gel Blaster Rifles?

Gel blaster rifles are toy rifles that shoot water-soaked gels or very thin superabsorbent polymer water beads. They are lifelike toy rifles without the weight of real rifles. The gel balls inside are fired through an air pump inside the gel blaster.

If you don’t know what a rifle is, it’s basically a gun with a long, spirally-grooved barrel that’s intended to make a bullet or bullets spin and have greater accuracy over a long distance. Most rifles are fired from shoulder level. 

If you want the feel of real-life rifles, you’ve come to the right page. TacToys gel blaster rifles were designed to have the look and feel of rifles for maximum enjoyment of the players.


Some of Our Most Popular Gel Blaster Rifles

M4A1 V8 Electric Gel Blaster

The bestselling gun in our gel blaster range, the M4A1 V8 is simply the best in out-of-the-box performance. With its affordable price, the M4A1 V8 is a favorite not just for its looks and performance but also for its value. This gel blaster rifle is highly modifiable and suitable for both long-time gel ball enthusiasts as well as for those purchasing their first gel blaster. 

TacToys M4A1 MKIII

A total game-changer, the M4A1 MKIII is simply in its own league. If you want super fun gel ball gaming, look no further than this rifle. Mag prime with a functional single shot, the M4A1 MKIII is also made with full auto fire. Included in its awesome package are a metal precision scope, an 11.1v battery, and a B3 Charger. This one’s exclusively sold at TacToys.

HL-015 Honey Badger

Based on the AAC (Advanced Armament Corporation), the Honey Badger is a 2021 addition to the TacToys rifle range. Well-constructed, this rifle also has a well-distributed range that makes it easy to hold and operate. Among its features are a simulated blowback feature, sintered carbon steel gear, and full nylon construction.

Scar V2

Perfect for newbies to gel ball, the Scar V2 is popular because of its dependability and awesome accessories. Even better, it can hit 300 fps with a few low-cost mods and it has lots of parts available. If you’re a newcomer to the hobby and want a dependable blaster rifle, the Scar V2 won’t let you down. 

Some of Our Lowest-Priced Gel Blaster Rifles

XYH-AKM-47 - Children’s Gel Blaster

Easy to fire and operate, the XYH-AKM-47 is a hopper-fed mini rifle that comes in three different-colored graphics. With a non-threatening appearance, it’s a perfect choice for kids and also for anyone who wants faultless performance in a gel-blaster rifle. While this is a budget blaster, it boasts a super fast fire rate at 16 rounds per second, one of the fastest fire rates out of all our hopper-fed gel blasters.

XYH Mini HK416 Rifle

A magazine-fed mini rifle, the XYH Mini HK416 is easy to fire and operate. It comes in a non-realistic format with lots of accessories in the box. Among its top features is a super fast fire rate at  16 rounds per second, one of the fastest fire rates out of all our Kid’s Range Gel Blasters. This one’s also got a fully automatic fire, iron sights, a silencer, and a scope. 

SSG69 Steyr Sniper Rifle - Manual Gel Blaster

Based on its looks alone, the SSG69 Steyr Sniper Rifle is an ultra-cool rifle. But there’s much more to it than looks. For one, it has a super strong bolt system that’s very hard to snap. With its superb manual bolt action and full nylon construction, this rifle performs well out of the box. Definitely a blaster you’d want to buy in this price range. 

2021 CYMA AK47 - Electric Gel Blaster

A 2021 addition to the TacToys range, the CYMA AK47 looks and feels superior. Considered the best value for money in the AK range, its great features include a priming function, simulated blowback, and tight-bore plastic inner barrel to increase accuracy at range.

Tips Before You Buy a Gel Blaster Rifle for Your Kid

On the hunt for a gel blaster rifle? When choosing one for your child, here are some tips:

  1. Know the size of the gel blaster rifle to determine whether your child will be comfortable using it.
  2. Ensure that the gel blaster rifle you will get is appropriate for your child’s age. You can check the age recommendation on each rifle you are considering before you make a purchase.
  3. Consider the type of ammunition that the blaster rifle uses. Gel blasters use either gel balls or foam darts. Both are considered safe for kids.


Safety Tips

Gel blaster rifles are considered safe for kids to play with if they are used properly. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind before you allow your child to play with one:

  1. Ensure that the gel blaster rifle is made of superior materials and has little chance of breaking.
  2. Check the rifle’s barrel and make sure it is smooth and without sharp edges.
  3. Avoid using blaster guns that shoot hard pellets because could cause injury.
  4. Never allow your child to play unsupervised. Always have adult supervision.
  5. Teach your kid how to use the gun properly and safely.
  6. Make sure your child is always wearing protective eyewear like goggles or other safety eyewear. This will help protect the eyes from being seriously injured. 
  7. Remember to follow the safety instructions from the gel blaster manufacturer.