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Manual Gel Blasters

Looking for easy-to-use manual gel blasters? The search is over!

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TacToys offers you the best and most reliable manual gel blasters online. Whether you’re a novice or an expert in gel ball, you’ll find your perfect manual blaster here.


What Are Manual Gel Blasters?

Manual gel blasters are toy firearms that shoot very tiny superabsorbent polymer water beads, or gel balls. The gel balls are non-staining, biodegradable, and eco-friendly. They are fired through an air pump inside the gel blaster. 

The main difference between manual gel blasters and electric gel blasters is manual gel blasters are operated manually and do not require batteries. 

If you don’t want the mess and stings that come with other types of toy guns, manual gel blasters are fantastic airsoft and paintball alternatives - especially if you plan to play with young kids.


Some of Our Most Popular Manual Gel Blasters

SSG69 Steyr Sniper Rifle - Manual Gel Blaster

At first glance, you’ll notice that the SSG69 Steyr Rifle is a very cool rifle. But there’s so much more to this blaster than its looks. For instance, it has a very strong bolt system that is hard to snap. With its full nylon construction and excellent manual bolt action, this rifle is one of the top-performing in its class. It’s definitely a not-to-miss blaster, especially in its price range.


Swift Hawk 702 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle - Manual Gel Blaster

A 2021 addition to the TacToys range, the Swift Hawk 702 is in a league of its own. With sleek curves and a magazine completely flush to the body, this rifle is designed for ergonomics with the comfort of the player in mind. With an incredibly realistic imitation wood finish and a nice smooth bolt action, the Swift Hawk 702 has SOLID overall construction. It’s a manual gel blaster rifle you definitely wouldn’t want to miss.


XYL CA 870 Shotgun - Manual Gel Blaster

Simply one of the best in the shotgun range, the XYL CA 870 is excellent when it comes to power, reliability, and consistency. Released in 2021, it’s a fun-to-operate manual blaster because of its highly interactive handpump-action feature. 

Did you know that a lot of gel blaster shotguns can be a hit or miss because they lack power and can’t produce a proper buck shot? The XYL CA 870 will definitely not disappoint in both areas.

Other features include a dual vertical barrel design that results in powerful buck shots, a spring-fed removable magazine, and a solid nylon and metal build.


Kar98K Rifle - Manual Gel Blaster

The latest and most superior WW2-style gel blaster to hit the market, the Kar98K shines because of its shell-ejecting feature. You’ll feel incredibly satisfied as you watch those shells eject with every pullback of the bolt. This blaster is especially perfect for WW2 collectors or anyone who wants to do some basic backyard shooting. All in all, it works great, and if you want a solid manual blaster you can display, use for reenactments, and have fun shooting targets and ejecting shells with, the Kar98K is for you.