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Gel Blaster Holsters & Slings

Welcome to our collection of gel blaster holsters and slings! Now you can carry your blaster with ease and style whether you are walking or inside a vehicle!

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What Are Gel Blaster Holsters? 

Blaster holsters are leather or fabric cases for carrying a gel blaster on a person’s hip, leg, or chest. They are usually worn on a belt or under the arm. 

Some of Our Most Popular Gel Blaster Holsters

2 Point Gel Blaster Sling / Shoulder Carry Strap (Black)

Suitable for all blasters with a sling swivel or hook, this 2-point sling/shoulder carry strap allows quick detachment of your blaster gun. It features a side-release buckle to release the adapter and sling and allows the sling to be unhooked easily and quickly. 

Pistol Hip Holster (Hard)

If you have a pistol blaster, this perfectly designed holster is for you! It fits most pistol models and will definitely fit models 3DG E017, SKD E018, and TacToys range gas blowback pistols. 

Leg Holster (Black)

A great fit for the E018 and E017, the TacToys Black Leg Holster is made of high-quality cotton and polyester. It has a head circumference of 56-60 cm and with slight modification, can also be used with the Desert Eagle.

Care/Maintenance Tips for Your Gel Blaster

Here are some tips to make your blaster’s life longer and increase your days of fun!

  1. Handle with care. While gel blasters can generally take a good beating, we encourage you to handle your blaster with care from purchase to home storage to game day. One of the most common mistakes players make is putting batteries in and then pulling them out without care. This leads to faulty leads and broken adaptors. When you do everything with care, you will avoid faulty wires and other breakages.
  2. Do not fill dripping wet gel balls into your blaster. Gel balls should be moist but not dripping wet.
  3. Always detach the battery when you are finished with your gel blaster to avoid damage to your batteries.
  4. Keep your blaster away from rain or moisture.
  5. Do not leave the gel balls inside your blaster for extended periods when not in use.
  6. Do not leave charging unattended. Most batteries will fully charge in as little as two hours. However, if left connected to a charger for extender periods, the blaster may overcharge and the battery could be damaged.
  7. Soak the gel balls for four hours minimum. This will help ensure they are properly hydrated and won’t cause damage to your blaster.