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Gel Blaster Magazines

Welcome to our collection of high-quality gel blaster magazines!

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If you need a gel blaster magazine, you’ve come to the right page. We’ve got magazines that are suitable for different gel blasters. No need to look elsewhere - you can get here the specific magazine you need at the best prices!


What is a Gel Blaster Magazine?

A gel blaster magazine is where the gel blaster’s ammunition - the gel balls - are stored and fed. Gel blaster magazines come in many shapes and sizes, such as tubular-shaped and drum-shaped. They can have extra features like UV light to illuminate the gel balls. 


Some of Our Bestselling Gel Blaster Magazines

Nylon Drum Magazine for M4A1 V8, SCAR V2, & ACR J10

Now you can upgrade your magazine size with this nylon drum mag. Did you know that a standard mag holds about 200 gels but this drum mag can hold more than double at around 450 gels? Definitely a bang for your buck.

Tracer Magazine (Glow in the Dark)

This magazine illuminates gel balls super bright with its UV light that charges up the gel balls. Definitely a good buy for kids and kid-at-hearts because it fires out glow-in-the-dark gel balls! The Tracer magazine doesn’t need batteries because it’s powered by the gel blaster. Glow/Tracer gels are required and not included when you buy the magazine. 

If you have compatible gel blasters M4A1 V8, SCAR V2, HK416D, or TacToys MK3, 4, 5, or 6, you should definitely get this mag.


Drum Magazine for M4A1 V8 & SCAR V2

Another way to upgrade your magazine size is through this fantastic drum mag. With a capacity of 1000 gel balls, you’ll surely have more fun through this one! It’s compatible with M4A1 & SCAR V2. 


Magazine for M4A1 V8, Scar V2, MKIII 3, 4, 5, 6 (Black)

Replace your old mag with this dependable magazine or have spares for a quick reload! Fun on the go!


Troubleshooting Guide to Typical Gel Blaster Problems 

Is your gel blaster jammed? Did it stop feeding gel balls? Like all toys, gel blasters can also experience issues, but fortunately, most of these issues are preventable or solvable. Here’s a troubleshooting guide to usual gel blaster issues. 


1.  Why is my blaster not feeding gels?

Tip: Check your mag!

There are different factors that may cause your toy blaster to fail in feeding gels. Different types of gel blasters also mean varying methods of use. To determine the cause, check out below some of the most common causes of this issue:

  • Gel balls not hydrated properly
  • Using gel balls that are unsuitable for the blaster
  • Magazine is not 100% full before use or filled incorrectly
  • Magazine or blaster is not primed 
  • Hopper or magazine may not be aligned correctly or not clipped in
  • Magazine motor may be dysfunctioning
  • Loose wire or opposite mag terminals

The first thing to do is to check first your gel balls. Are they fresh, suitable for the blaster, and grown to the right size? If you answered yes to all, check your blaster next.

If your gel blaster is firing, making the correct sounds, but doesn’t expel anything when shooting upright, try testing it out by firing the blaster upside down. If no gels expel still, it’s probably a magazine problem (such as a dead motor), and you might need to replace your magazine. 

Remember to completely drain your gel balls before use, because excess water leads to rust and may damage your magazine motor. 


  • Why does my gel blaster shoot only when upside down?
  • Tip: Fill your magazine to the full! This issue is usually experienced when the magazine is not correctly filled. 

    Most gel blaster magazines have a side hatch or trap door designed to open and allow the user to fill it with gels. The magazine should be completely full before use, and the gels must always be filled through this side hatch/trap door. It is important as well to use correctly hydrated gels. 

    Another typical cause of this issue is the type of gel balls used. There are different gel types available on the market - from heavy to standard milky whites to softer clear ones. You will find that certain gel balls may work better with your specific blaster model. No matter what gel balls you use, don’t forget to always hydrate them strictly according to instructions.

    If the issue prevails, try a new magazine and have your blaster checked by the retailer or a professional!


  • Why is my blaster jamming?
  • Tip: Check out your gels!

    This is a common issue in gel blasters. It can happen to all types, from brand-new blasters bought off the shelf to custom-built blasters with higher specs. While jams here and there are normal, they can be really frustrating and not a good sign if it occurs more often than not. 

    When jams occur, check your gel balls and consider the following:

    1. How long did you hydrate the gel balls?
    2. What is the type of gel balls?
    3. Are the gel balls suitable for your blaster?
    4. How old are the gel balls?


    To lessen your chances of experiencing a jam, use fresh gels and strictly follow the packaging instructions. Gels need to be hydrated in the right amount of water at the right amount of time. Under soaking or too much soaking can affect the consistency. Keep your eye on the clock or set an alarm so you drain all excess water once the gel balls are hydrated accordingly. 

    There are many types of gel balls on the market, and specific types of gels are better suited to certain types of blasters. Higher-powered blasters typically perform best with harder gels, while stock gel blasters may perform better with standard white gels. Failing to use the right type of gel balls with your blaster can increase the frequency of jams. Better experiment, and use better-quality gels!


    Gels stored over time tend to soften and change in size. This can also be a factor that causes jamming. So don’t forget to use freshly hydrated gels for ultimate performance!