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Gel Blaster Shotguns

The most fun and reliable gel blaster shotguns - all in one place!

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Welcome to TacToys, where you can get the best bang for your buck with any of our gel-blaster shotguns that are sure to satisfy your gaming desires!


What Are Gel Blaster Shotguns?

Gel Blaster Shotguns are toy shotguns that shoot super tiny water beads, also known as gel balls. These gel balls are fired through an air pump inside the gel blaster shotgun.

If you do not know what exactly is a shotgun, it’s a firearm with a long barrel that is typically used to shoot moving targets in the air. Shotguns usually have small bores to reduce friction. They come in a wide variety of calibers and gauges.

To experience the feel of a real-life shotgun, check out our collection of TacToys Gel Blaster Shotguns! 


A Peek at Some of Our Bestselling Shotguns

M97 Shotgun - Manual Gel Blaster

A highly interactive gel blaster, the M97 Shotgun is consistently one of our most popular gel blasters because of its price, ease of use, and reliability. After all, there aren’t many blasters under $150 that shoot around 280 FPS.

With its hand pump-action feature, the M97 Shotgun is an ultra-fun gel blaster to use and own. Other features include a manual shell, a manually loaded spring, and a 25-meter firing range. For ultimate manual pump action, this blaster’s a great buy.


XYL CA 870 Shotgun - Manual Gel Blaster

If you’re after power, consistency, and reliability, we highly recommend the XYL CA 870 because it is simply one of the best in the shotgun range. Newly released in 2021, the XYL CA 870 is a highly interactive gel blaster with a hand pump-action feature that makes it so fun to operate and own. 

Gel blaster shotguns can be a hit or miss because many lack power and can’t produce proper buck shots. What’s unique about the XYL CA 870 is it can provide both to your gaming satisfaction. 

Other features include solid nylon and metal build, a spring-fed removable magazine, and a dual vertical barrel design that results in powerful buck shots. For impressive manual pump action that won’t disappoint, get the XYL CA 870 Shotgun.


Safety Tips When Using Gel Blaster Shotguns

If used properly, gel blaster shotguns are safe to play with. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you let your child play with one:

  1. Make sure the gel blaster shotgun your child will use is made of high-quality materials and has a low chance of breaking easily.
  2. Check the gel blaster shotgun’s barrel and make sure it is smooth and without sharp edges.
  3. Avoid using gel blaster shotguns that shoot hard pellets because these could potentially cause injury.
  4. Let your child play with a gel blaster shotgun only with adult supervision. Never let your children play with them unsupervised.
  5. Teach your child how to properly and safely use the gel blaster shotgun.
  6. Make sure your child is wearing protective eyewear every time. This will help protect the eyes from being hit and seriously injured. Always ensure your child is wearing goggles or some other safety eye protection.
  7. Always remember to follow the safety instructions from the gel blaster manufacturer.