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Tactical Gear

Welcome to our collection of gel blaster tactical gear! From lasers to masks to precision eye scopes, we got only high-quality gear in stock. Browse our extensive range today to find the best tactical gear for you and your blaster!

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What Are Gel Blaster Tactical Gears?

These are equipment that is designed for particular tactical applications of your gel blaster. Most tactical gear includes features like comfort, durability, weapon accommodation, concealment, and range of movement.

Some of Our Bestselling Gel Blaster Tactical Gears

Red Laser for Gel Blaster

With a very clear and super bright laser beam, our TacToys Red Laser for Gel Blaster is sure to light up your aims! Its awesome specs include a laser range of 50-100 meters, universal clamp-on mounting, precise and wide-range windage, elevation adjustments, and a laser wavelength of 835 to 655 mm. 

This red laser is compatible with the M4A1 V8, M4A1 V9, WELL M401, Kriss Vector V2, MP7, SKD VK A2, or any gel blaster with picatinny rail.

Hologram Optic Sight for Gel Blaster

With its fantastic features, our Hologram Optic Sight will surely level up your game! Lightweight and compact, it’s easy to attach and handle. Constructed of aluminum alloy with anodized matte black, it has a smooth, stylish finish. Featuring anti-glare reflective coated lenses, it provides excellent optical clarity. And with its tubeless design with a 22 x 33 mm apertures reflex lens, it gives a wide field of view.

This gel blaster hologram optic sight is suitable for rapid firing or shooting of moving targets besides normal shooting. It’s compatible with the WELL M401, M4A1 V8, Kriss Vector V2, M4A1 V9, SKD AK V2, MP7,  or any gel blaster with picatinny rail. 

Full Face Mask (Black) 

Playing gel ball can be dangerous and it’s important to protect your face from being hit by wearing our Full Face Mask. 100% breathable, this mask is comfortable to wear and gives secure facial protection. With foam padding around the eyes to reduce fogging, this mask offers clear visibility so you can always see where you’re going and have a clear view of your opponents. It also comes with an adjustable head strap so you can always adjust it to your perfect fit.

Tactical Led Torch & Laser for Gel Blaster

With a 532 nm red laser sight featuring a super bright 3-watt lumen LED, our Tactical LED Torch & Laser for Gel Blaster will surely light up and increase the fun in your every game! Its specs include 3 hours of continuous burn time on 1 set of batteries, a 20,000-hour bulb life,  and various operation modes such as “flashlight only”, “laser sight only”, and “flashlight/laser sight at the same time”. It also has a quick-release mounting latch that mounts the flashlight securely and allows quick installation and removal of the flashlight.

This TacToys Tactical Led Torch & Laser for Gel Blaster is compatible with the M4A1 V8, M4A1 V9, WELL M401, Kriss Vector V2, MP7, SKD AK V2, or any gel blaster with picatinny rail.

Some of Our Lowest-Priced Gel Blaster Tactical Gears

Protective Safety Glasses (Clear)

Fully protect your eyes when gel balling with our TacToys Protective Safety Glasses (Clear). Comfortable to wear, these glasses are also sturdy and provide excellent vision when you’re on the attack. It’s perfect not just for gel balling but also for other outdoor activities. 

Precision Eye Scope for Gel Blaster

Designed for speedier and more accurate target acquisition, our Precision Eye Scope will definitely pump up your gel blaster’s performance. Featuring a sturdy and weatherproof aluminum alloy scope enclosure, this eye scope ensures long-lasting power. It also has flexible eye relief and is suitable for just about any shooter or rifle. 

This TacToys eye scope is built with multiple brightness settings in red and green. It’s compatible with the Kriss Vector V2, M4A1 V8, M4A1 V9, MP7, WELL M401, or any gel blaster with picatinny rail.

Anti-Fog Tactical Goggles (Black)

Now you can have a clear vision from start to end of the game with our TacToys Anti-Fog Tactical Goggles! Military-issued, these goggles are sturdy, heavy-duty, and conveniently adjustable. It also comes in a breathable design and is perfect not just for gel balling but also for other outdoor activities like paintball, ATV, and snowboarding.