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Gel Blaster Pistols

If you’re looking for a good gel blaster pistol, look no further because you’ve come to the right page. TacToys has a range of excellent pistols for you and your kid!

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What Are Gel Blaster Pistols?

Gel blaster pistols are toy pistols that shoot ultra-thin, superabsorbent polymer water beads (gels). They can come in realistic or non-realistic formats. The gel balls inside are fired through an air pump inside the gel blaster.

Not sure what a pistol is? It’s basically a small, short-barrelled gun that is held in and fired from one hand. Pistols originated in the 16th century when early handguns were made in Europe. 

If you want the feel of a real-life pistol, you’ve come to the right page. Realistic or non-realistic, TacToys gel blaster pistols were designed for maximum sporting fun and excitement! Have fun browsing!


Some of Our Bestselling Gel Blaster Pistols

SKD E018S 14.8v - Electric Gel Blaster

An upgrade from the standard E018, the SKD E018S 14.8v has increased power and detailing. It comes as no surprise that this one’s a top seller because of its selling points such as quality, price, size, and select-fire feature. Definitely a great, all-rounder pistol that won’t disappoint.

Desert Eagle V2 - Electric Gel Blaster

Consistently one of our top-selling products, the Desert Eagle V2 is a well-built, entry-range gel blaster pistol that can serve as a great introduction to the gel ball sport. Simple and affordable, it has excellent features like a great rate of fire, simulated blowback, and metal pistol grips. No question - we highly recommend the easy-to-use yet highly reliable Desert Eagle V2.

SKD E018 - Electric Gel Blaster

With its size, price, and supreme quality, it comes as no surprise that the SKD E018 was the first gel blaster pistol to take the industry by storm. Its features include semi or full auto firing modes, making it a great all-rounder toy pistol. 


Some of Our Lowest Priced Gel Blaster Pistols

SIG P226 Hopper Fed - Electric Gel Pistol

One of our most budget-friendly gel blasters, the SIG P226 gel blaster pistol is also one of the most fun to use. Reliable and easy to operate, it’s excellent for kids and adults who want to test the waters first with a low-budget gel blaster before investing more into the hobby. Features of the SIG P226 include metal pistol grips and a rechargeable battery. 


Evolution Desert Eagle (Hopper Fed) - Gel Blaster

Designed with a non-realistic, exciting colorful graphic, the Evolution Desert Eagle is an easy-to-use toy pistol that shoots seamlessly. With its non-threatening appearance, it’s an excellent choice for kids and even adults who want a gel blaster that’s faultlessly reliable when it comes to performance.

While it’s a budget blaster, the Evolution Desert Eagle gives excellent value for money because of its silencer and torch + laser combo. Even younger kids will find this gel blaster fun and easy to use because the gel balls are fed through the included hopper sight, making it simple to reload and fire.