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Full Metal Gel Blasters

The weight of your weapon determines how close to authentic it feels as you fire your gel rounds. It also has an impact on how accurate your aim is. For better recoil, precision, and overall experience, you might want to look at our metal gel blaster range. Read More

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Ideal for those with some experience using gel blasters, due to the forces involved in shooting those little water beads, the metal casing has a more durable, high-quality feel. The feel of metal in your hands on the battlefield lends credulity to the mission - so if you're serious about winning, then this is the range for you.

You can get a gel blaster pistol in metal ,or a rifle with an alloy barrel - the choice is yours. With a wide range of materials, shots per minute, lengths, designs, and prices you'll find the perfect gel ball blaster gun that suits your team spirit precisely.

Using Your Metal Gel Blaster Gun

Because our range of toy weapons is vast, you have the ultimate choice when it comes to the best type for your needs and wants. Whether you prefer the battery-operated or gas-powered, whether you want a beginner-friendly intro to the sport, or desire something more complex for the advanced player, you'll find it right here.

All of our blasters use small gel blaster balls that grow larger when soaked for around 4 hours. We offer a selection of different ammo sizes, with each being suited to a specific style of gun. For the best performance, please use the correct-sized ammo whilst using your metal gel blaster. Other sizes can inhibit performance, or even jam your weapon - which can be embarrassing in the middle of a competitive battle!

Battery-powered models should be charged properly by charging only for the necessary amount of time. A full charge can take 1-2 hours, depending on the capacity of the battery and the charge status before plugging it in. Follow all safety precautions and wear appropriate gear (such as goggles or safety glasses, helmets, and protective clothing) to reduce the chance of injury occurring.

Buying Your Gel Blaster Pistol (Metal) with TacToys

Carefully choose your weapon, add your custom mods, and wait patiently for it to arrive. It's a thrilling process, especially if you've had your eyes on that special item for a while. Making your purchase with TacToys brings even more rewards than you ever thought possible.

We're committed to bringing our customers excellent value, that's why we offer free shipping across the USA and give you our Best Price Guarantee. This guarantee is our promise to you that, should you find any of our range cheaper elsewhere then we'll beat that price by 5%. So while you're shopping around for the perfect full metal gel blaster, remember - it pays to shop with TacToys when it comes to AK 47 Gel Blasters.

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