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Electric Gel Blasters

On the hunt for the best electric gel blaster for you or your kid? You’ve landed in the right place!

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Welcome to the TacToys collection of fantastic electric gel blasters that will take you to extreme heights of shooting fun and excitement. Whether you’re new to the hobby, have played a few games, or are an all-out expert, we have the perfect electric gel blaster for you!


What are Electric Gel Blasters?

Electric gel blasters are battery-powered toy firearms that shoot very small superabsorbent polymer water beads, also known as water-soaked gel balls. These gel balls are biodegradable, eco-friendly, and non-staining. 

Similar to airsoft guns and paintball guns, electric gel blasters are lifelike toy guns but without the weight of the real ones. The gel balls inside are fired through an air pump inside the gel blaster.

If you don’t want to deal with the mess and painful stings brought about by other types of toy guns, electric gel blasters are awesome paintball and airsoft alternatives - especially when playing with young kids!


What Does Gel Ball Involve? 

The game itself is usually called “gel blaster” or “gel ball”.

A competitive team sport, gel ball involves two teams that compete against each other. The aim of the game is to eliminate players from the competition by hitting their members with gel balls.

Around the world, people of all levels play the sport - from total newbies to professionals who live and breathe the sport. It’s considered a fun activity for any group of classmates, friends, workmates, neighbors, or just about any group who wants to try something new and exciting. 


Some of Our Most Popular Electric Gel Blasters

M4A1 V8 Electric Gel Blaster

Simply the best in out-of-the-box performance, the M4A1 V8 is the top-selling gun in our gel blaster range. It has become a favorite not just for its looks and performance but also for its affordability. Highly modifiable, this amazing electric gel blaster rifle is suitable for both newbies to the hobby and long-time gel ball enthusiasts. The M4A1 V8’s 7.4 V battery is upgradeable to 11.1 V for up to a 50% increase in firing rate.


XYH Mini HK416 Rifle

With a super fast fire rate at 16 rounds per second, the XYH Mini HK416 has one of the fastest gel blasters out of all our Kid’s Range Gel Blasters. With its non-threatening appearance, it’s a perfect choice for kids and anyone who wants a blaster that’s well-built and reliable in performance. A magazine-fed mini rifle, the XYH Mini HK416 is easy to fire and operate. It comes in a non-realistic format with lots of accessories in the box. This blaster also has iron sights, a silencer, a scope, and a fully automatic fire.


SKD Beretta M92 (14.8 V)

If you want an electric gel blaster that’s extremely good value for money, check out our SKD Beretta M92. When you get this one, you’re getting mag prime, single and full auto firing modes, blowback, fastest gel blaster fire rate, and the option to switch between 7.4 and 14.8 volts for a snappier trigger response. That’s not all - you’ll also get impressive realism and updated nylon externals. Whether you’re just getting started with gel ball or simply want a budget-friendly, entry-level blaster, we highly recommend the SKD Beretta M92. 


Some of Our Lowest Priced Electric Gel Blasters

SIG P226 Hopper Fed - Electric Gel Pistol

One of our most fun electric gel blasters, the SIG P226 is also one of the most budget-friendly in our collection. Easy to use, it’s perfect for kids and adults who want to try the hobby first with a low-budget blaster before investing more into the hobby. Highly reliable, the SIG P226 includes metal pistol grips and a rechargeable battery.


XYH AKM-47 - Children’s Gel Blaster

Available in three different-colored graphics, the XYH AKM-47 has a non-threatening appearance that makes it perfect for kids. Easy to fire and operate, it is also a perfect choice for anyone who wants seamless performance in an electric gel blaster rifle. This impressive budget blaster is hopper-fed with a super fast fire rate at 16 rounds per second - one of the top fire rates out of all our hopper-fed gel blasters. 


Gel Strike Pistol Gel Blaster

Easy to fire and operate, our hopper-fed Gel Strike Pistol Gel Blaster is an excellent choice for kids and even younger kids. Why? Aside from being easy to use, it features a non-realistic sci-fi format and has a non-threatening appearance. This highly dependable blaster is equipped with picatinny rails on the bottom and side to attach more accessories. Included in the box are a laser and an orange muzzle.

Some of Our Newest Electric Gel Blasters

Bing Feng Mac 10 V2 - Electric Gel Blaster

Looking for a solid submachine blaster? We’re excited to bring you the upgraded version of one of our top-selling gel blasters. With a much more compact size than the Bei Yu Mac 10, the Mac 10 V2 is a 1:1 scale of the real steel Mac 10. Some of the Mac 10 V2’s outstanding features are an impressive fire rate and FPS. It's also designed with a charcoal satin finish for an incredibly premium feel.


SKD M1911 - Electric Gel Blaster

Highly impressive in reliability and performance, the SKD M1911 is an electric gel blaster that ticks off all the boxes! For one, it shoots more balls per second than other pistols, that’s why it has the highest rate of fire out of all the blaster pistols. Fully automatic, the gel balls are fed through the top hopper in either the slimline hopper or the bottle hopper. Also included are a torch and laser that can be removed. 


P90 V3 - Electric Gel Blaster 

Suitable for all ages, the P90 V3 is a little gel blaster SMG that is excellent for CQB or close-quarters battles. If you want a light blaster that’s easy to maneuver, this one’s for you. Performance is highly recommended and the P90 v3 can be turned into a powerhouse with upgrades. It’s a simple submachine gun, but highly effective.