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Welcome to our collection of gel blaster footwear and apparel to protect your body from head to toe! Browse our TacToys range of footwear and apparel today to find everything you need!

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9 Safety Tips on Gel Blasting

  1. Wear protective clothing. The basic advice when it comes to gel ball clothing is to wear clothes with long sleeves and long pants. Long clothes help protect you against the stings of ammo and also protect your skin from being scraped as you run and do other movements across the battlefield. It’s also best to wear a hat that can protect your forehead. Meanwhile, earmuffs can protect the tender areas around your ears. Gloves can ensure that your gun never slips from your hand while boots ensure that you do not slip in wet or muddy areas.
  2. Invest in face protection. It hurts to be hit by any type of high-speed ammo and being hit in the eyes can especially be catastrophic. This is why you need to wear goggles to protect your eyes. You can also use wrap-around eye protection that provides both visibility and excellent protection. Face protection could be in the form of safety glasses, a face mask, or a face shield. For ultimate overall protection, wear a helmet that provides protection to your entire head.
  3. Put on paddings. To prevent stinging spots on your skin, consider padding around your elbows and knees as well as an extra layer of clothes beneath your outer shirt. This will absorb the impact of the gel balls.
  4. Store your blaster securely. When your blaster is not in use, it should be kept in a locked closet or a gun cabinet. Never give children access to it. You can also purchase a rifle bag and put a suitcase lock on it.
  5. Hide your blaster when in public. One of the things that make gel blasters cool is they look like real guns. The downside to this is it could easily fool someone in public. If you’re out and have the blaster with you, people who see it might panic. You could even find yourself getting arrested. So remember to conceal your blaster whenever you’re in a public place.
  6. Don’t get a used gel blaster. No matter what you do, don’t get a used gel blaster. This would be a terrible mistake because the person you bought the blaster from could have meddled with the barrel and caused the gel balls to shoot out much faster than they should.
  7. Supervise kids. They may be toys, but you shouldn’t let your kids around the blasters unless you’re around. You never know what they could do with it and someone could end up seriously hurt. You should also ensure that any kid player is at the right age. Gel blasters shouldn’t be handled by kids aged 12 or younger. Even grown children must be trained and guided through a list of instructions and safety precautions for themselves and their playmates.
  8. Never block the barrel. Always make sure that your hand is away from the barrel when firing. The gel balls are firing at a considerable speed so having your hand exposed to the firing will hurt you. It could also cause the gel blaster to backfire.
  9. Use blaster bags. Keep your blasters protected by placing them in a blaster bag like a tote or a backpack when not in use. Doing this can protect your blaster from getting dinged as you haul it to the battlefield. You may also consider a holster that ensures the barrel is pointed down and away from people when in transport.

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