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M4 & M4A1 Gel Blasters

Were you aware that the gel blaster M4 provides realistic, battle-worthy entertainment but without the safety worries? Well, that's exactly what we offer here at TacToys. All our products, including the superb M4A1 gel blaster, are precisely made to be enjoyed by all ages and abilities. We're so confident that you'll love our products, that they each come with a warranty. Read More

Select a Trustworthy M4 Gel Blaster

So, in the unlikely event that you are not 100% pleased with your purchase, you will have the reassurance that we will resolve your concerns. And why are we so sure of our capabilities? It must be something to do with our fantastic testimonials. See our 300+ 5-star reviews for yourselves if you don't believe us!

Your Friends Will be Envious of the Gel Blaser M4

When we say that we offer quality, we really mean it. Our M4 gel blaster is specifically built for battle and won't let you down. So, whether you're a novice having a blast with your friends, or specifically trained for competitions, this toy gun is always up for the challenge. TacToys offers the perfect balance between style and substance because you will look the part too! Let your imagination run wild thanks to our creative designs of an authentic M4A1 gel blaster, allowing you to become completely immersed in the game.

One of the many things we love about gel blaster as a whole, is that it is far more eco-friendly than other shooting games. This is because these toy firearms shoot water-soaked gels or water beads that are totally biodegradable. They are also completely non-toxic, so are safe to be used with players of all ages. What's even better that's it's far less harmful and much easier to clean up, too! You really can't fail with the gel blaster M4!

A Superior Place to Purchase an M4A1 Gel Blaster

You must have come to the conclusion by now that the M4 gel blaster is simply a must-have purchase, and where better to shop than with us at TacToys? Not only do we provide superb products at competitive prices, but we also put our customers' needs first. Once you've hit buy now on your perspective toy of choice, we will immediately dispatch your item and offer delivery on metal gel blasters across America completely free of charge. We highly doubt that you'll find a cheaper deal elsewhere, but if you do, we vow to beat our competitors by 5%. That's right, you won't get a better contract anywhere else! It's no wonder that we're the leading supplier of gel blasters across the US.

Discover How an M4A1 Gel Blaster Can Work for You!

If the M4A1 gel blaster has tickled your fancy, then please do look at our full range of products online. Here you can find the right gel gun to suit your preferences and budget, as well as find out everything you need to know about gel blaster gun accessories, thanks to our frequently asked questions page. And if that's not enough, we'd recommend signing up to our mailing list to stay up to date with our regular competitions, discounts, and new releases! TacToys really is the place to be. Read Less