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Welcome to our collection of kids' gel blasters! Here you’ll find the most fun and reliable gel blasters for your kids, kids of family or friends, or any other special kid in your life! 

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Our kids’ gel blasters are all fun-colored and designed specifically with children’s visual delight in mind. With our guaranteed safe-to-use blasters, expect memorable times playing with your kids!

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What Are Kids Gel Blasters?

Maybe you’ve seen them on the Internet. Maybe you’ve heard about friends or workmates who’ve played with them. But you wonder - what is a gel blaster exactly?

Gel blasters are toy firearms that shoot water-soaked gels or very tiny superabsorbent polymer water beads. They are lifelike toys designed to look like real-life firearms but without the weight of the real ones. The gel balls inside are fired through an air pump inside the gel blaster. 

There are gel blasters for both adults and kids. Kids’ gel blasters are blasters specifically designed with children in mind.

The hobby game itself is generally called gel blaster or gel ball.


Some of Our Most Popular Kids Gel Blasters

XYH AKM-47 - Children’s Gel Blaster

With a non-threatening appearance and colored graphics, the XYH AKM-47 is an excellent choice for kids. It’s perfect also for anyone looking for flawless performance in an electric gel blaster rifle. And flawless this one is - it’s super easy to fire and operate, with a very fast fire rate at 16 rounds per second - one of the top rates out of all our hopper-fed gel blasters. All these for a budget price - it’s definitely a must-have toy.


TSOL Fire Elite SY-887 SMG (Green/Black)

If you’re looking for a blaster you can mod in a sci-fi-themed shell, the TSOL Fire Elite Submachine Blaster is a great choice for you or your kid. Made with a non-threatening sci-fi look, the TSOL comes in a non-realistic format with a stunning green and black finish. Simple to operate, its’ excellent features include a torch, an internal hopper with extra magazine storage, and picatinny rails that allows full customization of the blaster.

Evolution Desert Eagle (Hopper Fed) - Gel Blaster


At first look, kids will immediately get fascinated by the colorful graphic of the Evolution Desert Eagle. Designed with a non-realistic and non-threatening appearance, the Evolution Desert Eagle is an excellent choice for kids because of its ease of use and seamless shooting capability. As a budget blaster, the Evolution Desert Eagle gives excellent value for money with its torch + laser combo and silencer. Simple to reload and fire, even younger kids will find this gel blaster easy to use.

XYH Mini HK416 Rifle

Featuring a super fast fire rate at 16 rounds per second, the XYH Mini HK 416 has one of the speediest fire rates out of all our Kid’s Range Gel Blasters. With unbeatable performance, ease of use, and a non-threatening appearance, it’s a perfect choice for kids and anyone who wants a well-built and dependable blaster. This rifle also has iron sights, a fully automatic fire, a silencer, and a scope, making it truly a bang for your buck. It also comes with lots of awesome accessories. 


Tips When Playing Gel Ball with Kids

Playing gel ball with kids can turn into one of the most memorable and enjoyable memories they will look back on years later. Here are some tips to ensure you and your kids are prepared for the sport.


  • Eat a nutritious meal for energy.

  • Gel ball requires a lot of running, which in turn will require a lot of energy. Remember to eat well before the game so you and your kids will have the energy later. Bring nutritious snacks so you can load up when you have game breaks.


  • Wear comfortable clothes that can get dirty.

  • Imagine this scenario: lots of jumping, running, rolling, diving, and other actions, which result in dirty clothes. Remember to dress your kid up in clothes that are comfortable and you can afford to get dirty. Wear looser clothes and avoid very tight clothing for freer movements. 


  • Wear reliable footwear.

  • Supportive shoes are important when playing gel ball. After all, you and the kids will do a lot of running, maybe on varied grounds. You will also dive for cover often and quickly change directions, that’s why there is a risk of rolled ankles. So make sure you and the kids are wearing supportive footwear. Better if the shoes are also waterproof. 


  • Bring lots of water.

  • You will run and sweat a lot when playing gel ball because the sport requires a lot of quick movements. Remember to drink a lot of water before the game and also during and after, especially if the weather is hot.


  • Never remove eye protection.

  • Instruct the kids to never remove their eye protection when playing the game, even if there’s a spot that feels itchy. Never do it because gel balls could dangerously hit the eyes. Using gel blasters without any eye protection is prohibited.


  • Teach the rules as clearly as possible.

  • Make sure the kids know the rules and objectives of the game before playing. Of course, this goes for adults as well. When kids and adults know the rules of the game, many mistakes will be avoided.


  • Never let the kids play gel ball without adult supervision.

  • Make sure an adult who will watch and guide them is always around when kids play gel ball. Make sure the gel blasters are not accessible when you’re not watching, especially for younger kids.