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Gel Blaster Silencers & Suppressors

Are you looking for a reliable gel blaster torch/gel blaster laser online?

Welcome to our collection of gel blaster torches/lasers! Browse our collection now to find the perfect torch/laser for your beloved gel blaster!

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What Are Gel Blaster Torches/Lasers?

A gel blaster torch/gel blaster laser is a great accessory if you desire to play gel ball at night or even just to look awesome during the day. Look like a true pro as you brighten up your aim while you play with your family or friends. A gel blaster torch or gel blaster laser can light your way and blind your opponents. Most gel blaster torches/gel blaster lasers can be directly mounted to the picatinny rail on either side or under the gel blaster. 

Our gel blaster torches/lasers are durable, compact in size, and ultra-bright, making them perfect for night battles. They offer a high-quality user experience in your every game. Check out our TacToys gel blaster torches/lasers and have a wonderful shopping experience!

Some of Our Most Popular Gel Blaster Torches/Lasers

Red Laser for Gel Blaster

Featuring a super clear and extra bright laser beam, our Red Laser for Gel Blaster is guaranteed to light up your aims! Its fantastic specs include a universal clamp-on mounting, precise and wide-range windage and elevation adjustments, a laser range of 50-100 meters, and a laser wavelength of 835 to 655 mm.

This laser is compatible with the M4A1 V8, M4A1 V9, WELL M401, Kriss Vector V2, MP7, SKD VK A2, or any gel blaster with picatinny rail.

Tactical Led Torch & Laser for Gel Blaster

Featuring 532 nm red laser sight with super bright 3-watt lumen LED, our Tactical LED Torch & Laser for Gel Blaster will surely light up and elevate your every game! This one’s specs include a 20,000-hour bulb life, 3 hours continuous burn time on 1 set of batteries, and various operation modes such as “flashlight only”, “laser sight only”, and “flashlight/laser sight at the same time”. It also has a quick-release mounting latch that mounts the flashlight securely and allows speedy installation and removal of the flashlight.

Our Tactical Led Torch & Laser for Gel Blaster is compatible with the M4A1 V8, M4A1 V9, WELL M401, Kriss Vector V2, MP7, SKD AK V2, or any gel blaster with picatinny rail.

How To Win A Gel Blaster Game

Once you’re satisfied with the torch and laser on your gel blaster, it’s time to make a strategy on how to win your gel blaster game. Read on below for some tips!

  1. Master the cover technique. To avoid or lessen the chances of being hit, it is important to find cover in an open area. When you are covered by rocks or behind a wall, this is beneficial for you because your opponent’s vision is blocked by 90 degrees. When they start firing, they won’t be able to determine your exact location.

    Remember also that the fastest route between two places could be a straight line. This is important because it can take you longer to run from one side of a building to the other side than it would to run around the perimeter of the structure. If your opponents are using a square-shaped sight, this will also throw them off.

  2. Work as a team. To win a gel blaster game, one of the most effective techniques is to use teamwork. Rescue any player who gets caught. Why? Even if he is taken out of action, he may still be able to threaten the other team with shots from the bench.

    Remember that the game is not just about every player going out to try to defeat everyone else. Your team’s chances of winning increase if every teammate works as part of a team. Guaranteed, you’ll also enjoy the game more!

  3. Be patient. Take your time and wait for your opponent to make a mistake or for another favorable circumstance. This will increase your chances of winning. If you start firing immediately as soon as your opponent is within range, you leave yourself vulnerable to a likely deadly counterattack.

    Avoid speeding up a shot just because it feels a lot of time has passed since your past hit. When you only have one shot left, it is usually preferable to eliminate your opponent’s blaster rather than their tank. This will leave them defenseless as you finish them off.

Maximize the Fun in Playing

When you got the winning strategy down pat, it’s time to learn some tips on how to make the already fun game even more fun! Read on below to make your every game exciting and memorable!

  • Play with family and friends. There is never a dull moment with beloved friends and family, especially if you have something like gel ball to engage in! If you find yourself unable to think of any activity to do, don’t forget this game. It’s a perfect game to be played by kids and kids at heart alike.

  • Wear proper protective gear. Avoid getting hurt when playing gel ball by wearing the right gear. You won’t get hurt when you are hit by the gel, but you might when you run, roll down, and hide. To avoid any accidents and injuries and to make the game only pure fun, make sure all participants are wearing proper gear.

  • Play in a big, open space. Find a huge space to play gel ball so all participants can freely run, target, and hide. You can also include obstacles to elevate the excitement of the game. 
  • If you’re looking for a game to play with your friends, classmates, or family, look no further because gel ball is the game for you! It’s a quick, fun little sport that will leave you satisfied with your friends or family and yet wanting more. Gel ball is easy to learn, inexpensive, and easy to return to. It’s made for the maximum enjoyment of every player. What are you waiting for?

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